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About Zyvo


Do you know that feeling when someone gives you more than you asked for? That feeling? We believe that exactly that feeling is the foundation of successful businesses. Exceeding expectations is therefore the core of what we do. We go to the extreme to achieve goals together. We love to design things in a sleek and simple way. We believe that details make the difference between something that is good and something that is fantastic. We aim to do be better today than we were yesterday. That's our drive, our passion. That's what we put into Zyvo.

Good, easy and affordable

Online assessments have to be good, easy and affordable. That's what we think. There was a hole in the market and we thought, let's get onto it. And that's how Zyvo came to be. Our team consists of HR professionals and IT specialists with an average experience of approximately 15 years. In cooperation with the Dutch University of Twente, we developed a platform to perform online assessments and to predict work-related behaviour.

Why use online assessments to predict human behaviour? This gives employees and organisations insight into their potential. Where (in the organisation) lies your talent? Capitalise on your skill. Human behaviour is the difference between a successful and a non-successful organisation.


If this appeals to you, please do get in touch. Be surprised by the prospects of a first meeting! This is the next step in order to realise your ambitions!

Why Zyvo?

  • Easy to install and ready to use

  • Link to your own competencies

  • Reports in your look & feel

  • Validated by University of Twente

Custom advice?

For more information and custom advice, call us on 088-166 0 500. Or make an appointment for a personal chat.

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