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Here they are, the development points in black and white.

A clear picture of the talents and development points of the employee

The online development assessment helps you with the optimisation of the deployment of (potential) talent and skills. You can choose to let employees only take a personality test (assessment test) and/or to use a 360° feedback assessment. The reports show at a glance where the development points are of the employee.

95% of our behaviour is driven by our sub-consciousness!

How well does the personality of the employee match the job? That determines for a large part how successfully this person will fulfil the job. So very valuable to be able to predict this. An online assessment provides insight.

In practice

You simply send the e-assessment to your employee(s). You will receive the results of the sent assessment in your own mailbox via an extensive report. After it has been made clear where the strong and attention points are, you can draw up a concrete development plan. You can independently translate the development assessment and the 360 degrees online assessment into concrete development targets and activities. But of course you can also choose to have this done by us!


Zap-Q is part of the latest generation personality questionnaires based on the so-called Item Response Theory. The questionnaire is developed in cooperation with the University of Twente. Zap-Q defines 24 work-related personality characteristics. At competency level you get insight into the strong points and development points of the candidate. The questionnaire has an adaptive character: the system knows what the best follow-up questions are. So you get a more and more clearer picture of the personality of the candidate.

Why Zyvo? Development Assessment

  • Easy in use

  • Link to your own competencies

  • Reports in your look & feel

  • Validated by University of Twente

Characteristics Zap-Q

    Overzichtelijke vragenlijsten
    De doelstellingen en werkwijze van de feedback zijn helder geformuleerd. We begeleiden u stap voor stap door het proces van beoordelen.

    • Within 30 minutes a complete picture of the competencies of your employees
    • Developed by psychologists together with the University of Twente
    • Derived from the Big 5 model
    • Adaptive: follow-up questions based on previous answers
    • Based on Item Response Theory (latest generation personality survey)
    • More reliable than classic testing methods
    • Clear and visual reports
    • Use your own or our competency library.

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