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How do employees develop their competencies?

Get the most from your employees

Getting the most from your employees means that the right peoplefulfil the right positions and that they deliver the expected results in their position and preferably even more. An online development assessment provides insight into the talents and development points of employees. Therefore, you can optimise these talents and your employees can perform (even) better in their current or new position.

The basis of a good development plan starts with getting a clear picture of the strong and development points of the employee. By using the development assessment as principle for the personal development, you create a starting point on which basis you can actually measure the (potential) progress of employees.

Why Zyvo? Selection Assessment

  • Easy in use

  • Link to your own competencies

  • Reports in your look & feel

  • Validated by University of Twente

Characteristics of development assessment

    The development assessment answers, for example, questions like:

    • To which degree do the personal talents match the job requirements?
    • Which skills help the employee to fulfil the position successfully?
    • Which skills must the employee develop further?
    • Is the employee motivated to work on his/her personal development?

    Drawing up personal development plans? Ask yourself the following questions:

    • Will you feedback the results individually or group-oriented?
    • Does the personal development plan contain the correct components?
    • How do you concretely define development targets?
    • Which role does HR play with the drawing up of development plans?
    • Which role does the manager play with the drawing up of development plans?
    • How can HR or a manager give feedback in a constructive way?
    • Are you able, based on the personal development plan, to easily measure the progress of the personal development?
    • How can you make adjustments when the realisation of the development targets fails?

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