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The most advanced Talent Analytics tools.

A picture of your 'ideal employee'

Zyvo has developed a number of very strong algorithms whereby the prediction of work performance and staff turnover is no longer based on coincidence. You receive a prediction (in percentages) of the success chances of a candidate.

Predict work performance

Predictive HR can be used for effective talent management, by accurately defining the characteristics of successful employees. You can use the results that emerge from this process in different ways. Consider for example the possibility to effectively select future successful employees based on the 'ideal employee' profile. Or use the results to see where current employees should/can develop more.

Predict staff turnover

Keeping talent is nowadays a big challenge for most organisation. In this case you can use Predictive Analytics as strategical instrument, in order to correctly anticipate possible risks. Based on facts from the past, found patterns and models, you can make predictions about behaviour and risks in the future.

For all organisations

The process whereby Zyvo processes all details and data into a predictive algorithm, is partly based on customisation and partly on the 'Zyvo HR Analytics Box'. We specifically focus on the success criteria within your organisation. The Zyvo HR Analytics box ensures that your data can be analysed quickly and accurately. Therefore, talent analytics is now available for both large organisations as SME.

Why predictive HR?

  • Practical approach

  • Tested and scientific approach

  • Custom made

  • Affordable

Custom advice?

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