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Estimating the eligibility of an applicant isn't as easy as it seems

How do you know for sure that an applicant meets your expectations?

It is only logical that an applicant emphasises his/her strong competencies during a job interview and nuances the less strong. Therefore, it is often difficult to properly assess what behaviour the applicant will show after he/she has been hired.

However, your employees are one of the main pillars underneath the success of an organisation. So, you have every reason to be very careful at the front gate. Successful behaviour is, in contrast to the opinions of many, unfortunately difficult to assess. Regardless how good your interview questions are.

In the selection process the focus beforehand is mostly on the hard job requirements. The question if the candidate has the right attitude, posture and personal characteristics for the job is thereby often overlooked. This is a missed opportunity, as 89% of the employees is fired based on behaviour and personal characteristics. Only 11% is fired due to a lack of skills, knowledge and experience.

89% of employees are fired based on attitude, only 11% due to the lack of knowledge, experience or skills.
Challenges during the job interview

Once you sit down there are still plenty of challenges. After all our brain is set up that we unconsciously make many assumptions when we assess others. This is the reason why a selection interview often does not lead to the desired insights. The predictive value of such an interview without adding supportive means is on average 15%.

Easily get a complete picture

Without any assessment tool, it is difficult to assess the behaviour of an applicant. A job interview of one hour is not enough to define one's behaviour and personal characteristics. Only a part of the personality and the behaviour will emerge during the interview. Moreover, you have to deal with desired application answers. Many candidates are very driven in applying for jobs and therefore have carefully considered beforehand what they do and what they do not want to share with you.

Why Zyvo?

  • Easy in use

  • Link to your own competencies

  • Reports in your look & feel

  • Validated by University of Twente

Cost saving through selection

  • The costs of recruiting the wrong employees are enormous. Do we tell you something new when we say this? Probably not. Regarding the costs it is not just about the costs for the replacement. It is also about the price of all missed turnover and opportunities because the wrong people are doing the wrong things. Apart from the direct costs in money, there are also negative side-effects when hiring an unsuitable employee. Consider for example:

    • Unrest in the team or the organisation
    • Lower employee's satisfaction
    • Loss of productivity

  • Avoid unnecessary costs by selecting the right candidate for the job based on measured behaviour and talents through our selection assessments.

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